Commander’s Charge

With today’s economic and environmental challenges, it is imperative that we create facilities that effectively support the mission, optimize building space and efficiently utilize resources. Our focus for facilities excellence is to provide highly sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy environments for all personnel. This Guide is an essential tool as we create and maintain quality built environments throughout Air Force Space Command.


As we implement facility designs that offer high levels of quality and efficiency − while promoting flexibility and operations that satisfy mission requirements − we must manage taxpayer investments prudently. Facilities excellence must exemplify a culmination of inherently efficient design principles through our buildings, interiors and land development. Additionally, these designs must integrate force protection measures to ensure we are protecting our most valuable assets, our people.


This Facilities Excellence Guide is a comprehensive resource. It shapes our “culture” by encouraging pride in stewardship that positively affects our attitudes, performance and productivity. Integrating its directives will achieve greater overall performance and enhance mission accomplishment.
William L. Shelton
General, USAF